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Bacardi Hits Early 2019

2019-03-31 15:20 Johannes Mokhokane

This album contains an exceptional and prevalent Pretoria Bacardi hits for early 2019, artists of Bacardi music worked identical to obtain their victory.

A flag of Bacardi music is now flying higher, under the leadership of King Dada, Mapentane, Tsitso, Team Delela, Mapara a Jazz and Team Mosha.

This various album include artist such as Dada Man, Dj Mpentane, The Box, DJ Tsitso, Team Delela, Dj Pencil, Candy Floss, Nkuli, Villa and Team Mosha. The album confirms the intentions of Bacardi Music in the music industry and this genre of music is now played by the best South African Radio station such as Motsweding FM and Thobela FM.

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by Dadaman, Mapentane ft The Box
  • Barcadi Music


    Dadaman, Mapentane ft The Box
  • Barcadi Music

    Zaka Zaka

    Dadaman & Mapentane Ft Nkuli Villa
  • Barcadi Music


    Dadaman ft Afro Therapy
  • Barcadi Music


    Dadaman ft Team Delela
  • Barcadi Music

    Ereng Mo Ngwaneng

    Mapara A Jazz ft Dadaman
  • Barcadi Music

    Ba Kae

    Team Delela & Dadaman ft Pencil & Candy Floss
  • Barcadi Music

    Slay Queen

    Team Mosha ft Jozi, Hektic & Urban Deep
  • Barcadi Music


    Team Mosha Ft Latoya

Team Mosha Mamelodi's finest is here to stay, after being nominated last year at the Summer Awards.

Khumo MRD known for his extraordinary voice released a track Njabulo and Slay Queen. Njabulo, Slay Queen and Buti are cutting-edge melodies and already altered a whole Gauteng within a short space of time.

Team Delela in collaboration with Dada Man produced two songs Ba Kae and DadaMan. Ba Kae is a tune that is cherished by ladies as it translates to, “Where are the big spenders”.

Artists of Bacardi Music ended this year with extreme songs and uplifted the status of Pretoria music.


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